Services & Fees

Now Accepting New Pet Sitting Clients 

 Dog and Cat Sitting, In Your Home Pet Boarding:

Beloved Pet Nanny’s fees start at $18.00 per pet sitting visit when you choose to have 4 visits per day. We charge 25.00 for dog walking per home for up to 4 pups and only 20.00 for puppy potty visits, or discount for regular daily potty breaks. For kitties we recommend at least 1 visit per day starting at 20.00. We recommend at least 3 visits per day for the pups. You can have 3 visits per day for only 55.00 or 4 visits per day for only 75.00 per day. 1 to 2 visits per day are 20.00 each. (Pricing is for up to 5 pets per home) 



Fees Simplified 

    • Puppy Potty breaks starting at – 20.00 each  home (discount for regular daily potty breaks 17.00 each)


    • 1 to 2 visits per day – 20.00 each (less than 18.00 each when you have 4+ visits a day)


    • 3 visits per day – 55.00


    • 4 visits per day – 75.00



  • Dog walking per household per walk – 25.00 (No pack walking)
  •  Kitty visits – 20.00 
  • special needs visits medications, ect… 22.00 per visit 


Compare to doggy day care or traditional boarding pet sitting keeps your pet less stressed and safe at home with our In Home Pet boarding.


We custom fit our service to your pets needs. You may include the following in your visits; feeding, watering, walking, brushing (optional), playtime, litter box scooping, poop scooping and lots of love. We are also able to administer medication if needed.


Dog Walking:

Dog walking is done one household at a time for 20-30 minutes.  Prices start at $25.00 for Dog Walking and includes walking up to 4 dogs, per household. (No pack walking)

Puppy Potty Breaks:Puppy potty breaks are recommended every 3-4 hours and start at 20.00 


 To get the best care and safety for your pet, we recommend that cats have at least one visit per day and dogs have at least 3 visits per day when your not available. 

Pet Taxi Service:
Starts at 30.00 an hour for 2 and is available for domestic house pets only at this time.

Additional Information:

  •  Holiday Pet Sitting Rates Stay the same we don’t increase our rates when you need us the most like the others do.
  • No discounts during the holidays and other peak times.


  Please fill out our form on the right and call or text Tara at 316-461-2434 or email: for your dog walking or pet sitting!