Policies, Agreement and Pet Sitting Forms

The Beloved Pet Nanny Policies and Client Agreement 



  • The Beloved Pet Nanny sitters will do the best they can to care for your Pet(s) we love them and will treat them like we want our own treated.
  • We will have a complimentary meet and greet to make sure everyone involved are compatible and go over the clients/pets needs and expectations.
  • Payments for service are expected at the beginning at the start of each service period or late charges could be applied. 
  • Payments are to be made only to Tara Stout or The Beloved Pet Nanny. You may leave the payment for Tara Stout with the pet information guide or pay by mail in advance.
  • Late payments will be assessed a 10% penalty fee each day for late payments and compound daily.
  • Unpaid period of service shall be canceled and returned checks will be charged a fee of 45.00.
  • Any credits for unused service must be used within 90 days and no credits will be given during any holiday seasons or peak periods such as spring break, busy weekends and vacation periods at our discretion.
  • Senior and military discounts are not available during any holiday periods and peak busy periods this is at The Beloved Pet Nanny’s discretion.
  • At The Beloved Pet Nanny we do the best we can to take care of your pet and we ask that you let us know when you return home so we know your pet is being cared for. (a simple text message will do) 
  • Client understands that for best availability of sitter services as needed that they should plan for service at least 1 week in advance. But we strive to accommodate your immediate needs as well.
  • Clients understand if they return home early, that there are no refunds for service that have been paid for as time is planned for sitter availability according to the period of time reserved and paid for.
  • If you the client have plants that are to be watered they should all be placed together on a surface that is water proof. Furthermore The Beloved Pet Nanny will do the best we can to follow the clients written instructions but we are not responsible for plants that are unhealthy, wilted or dead.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny suggests that you have your mail stopped but if you prefer can also collect your mail, paper and change your lights and window coverings per your written instruction.
  • Written and clear instruction is also required for each pet and shall be updated by the client as needed if you the client need new forms they can be supplied upon request. The pet information and home guide forms should be kept at the home and put in plain sight so your pet sitter can easily find it for reference. The Beloved Pet Nanny is only responsible for your pet when the pet is in our presence. If you keep your pet outside while no one is at your home to supervise the pet(s) we shall not be responsible for their well being while we are not there. But gates and doors shall be checked to make sure they are in good working condition and secured while we are on the premises. If you choose not to keep your doors locked we can not be responsible for anything that happens as a result of that. That also shall apply to lawn maintenance personal ect.. that are coming and going we are not liable for the security of your pets or property when they come and go.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny is not responsible for damage to your home due to unsecured premises or other individuals having access to the property. We are also not responsible for any damage your pet may do to your home or contents where they have access to when we are not with your pets. We do include house sitting duties as a complimentary service if the client has written instructions and has made it clear what they would like us to include. Should there be a problem with the home the pet sitter will attempt to contact the client so the situation can be resolved at no expense to the pet sitter or Beloved Pet Nanny. The client needs to make us aware of other individuals that have access to the premises and a log of their coming and going should be kept.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny is not responsible for any loss due to acts of nature, electrical failure or a break in to the property or the pet(s). The Beloved Pet Nanny shall have insurance, at this time The Beloved Pet Nanny carries insurance. The keys to the property shall be kept on the sitters person or in a secure place preferably a lockbox. The Beloved Pet Nanny needs to have two ways to enter either keys and/or a key and a garage code in case one of them fails or brakes for any reason. Keys shall be tested as well as garage code to make sure they work while the pet sitter is picking them up. If there is a security system the client shall make sure the surveillance company is aware of the pet sitters presence. Operation of the security system will be fully explained to the sitter and practiced or disarmed.
  • All pets on the premises must have their owner sign for them for the sitting services that are agreed to for each pet.
  • The terms of this document pertain to all pets owned by the client on the service property.
  • Clients are responsible for pet proofing the premises that each pet has access to interior and exterior including gates and latches, all should be in good working condition ect…we are not responsible for any damage caused by your pet or another individual.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny is not responsible for ill pets or death and shall have permission by signing this form to have pets treated or checked by the clients veterinarian if available they will be contacted first or veterinarian chosen by sitter at the sole expense of the client.
  • Each client is responsible for supplying everything needed by the pet, including food, water, all medications, harnesses, collars, pooper scoopers, and cat litter.
  • Pet owner is responsible for all medical expenses and damages resulting from an injury to the pet sitter, another person or pet caused by the clients pet. Client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless and defend The Beloved Pet Nanny, in the event of any claim by any person injured by the clients pet.
  • It is suggested that you have back up care to evacuate your pet in case of a natural disaster or weather related and unforeseen crisis. The Beloved Pet Nanny will do everything we can to ensure your pet(s) safety but this can not be guaranteed.
  • This agreement shall be enforced until changed or canceled by any of the parties involved but all shall be notified in writing.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny may use at our discretion to stop all services at any time the pet poses a danger, of safety or health issue to itself or other pets or the pet sitter or other people. If these threats occur the owner shall be notified if possible and the pet sitter/The Beloved Pet Nanny shall have the authority to place the pet at a predetermined if possible, kennel, or veterinarian. Any and all costs/liability are the sole responsibility of the pet owner.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny strives to keep open communication with the pet owners including text messages, email and or phone calls it is up to each client how often they would like this communication to take place. The Beloved Pet Nanny will strive to communicate with you daily about your pet usually by picture text. If you do not wish to receive this please make your wishes clear in writing on the forms left in your home.
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny loves to show off pictures of your pet(s) on the web, being careful not to disclose the details of where the pet lives or any information that could be private. If you do not want us to show off your pet(s) in this way please make it clear on the pet information form we leave at your home in writing and we will not post any pictures of your pet(s).
  • The Beloved Pet Nanny agrees to provide services in a manner that is trustworthy, caring and dependable. In consideration of the services as an express condition thereof, the client expressly relinquishes any and all claims against The Beloved Pet Nanny and its employees, except those arising from negligence. Claims of negligence that involve a hired Independent contractor, hired by The Beloved Pet Nanny, shall be the responsibility of the independent contractor and the company that they represent. All independent contractors shall bonded and be covered by insurance by a reputable company.
  • Client agrees to discuss any and all concerns with The Beloved Pet Nanny within 24 hours of return after service.
  • This agreement is valid from the date signed and replaces any other legal agreement. Client agrees to any changes to this agreement to be made in writing.
  • This agreement may be terminated by either party with a 30 day written notice by mail or email that has been acknowledged by both parties.
  • The client states that by signing this agreement that they have read it and fully understand and accept its terms and conditions.

 Please sign here_______________________________________ Date_____________

The Beloved Pet Nanny Policy Agreement: March 2020


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