Dog Walking One Household at a Time

Dog walking is done one household at a time at Beloved Pet Nanny. No pack walking here I don’t know how they are able to do that except for dogs that are not in the least bit aggressive and well trained not to stop and sniff all of the things pups love to sniff. Your pup will get individual attention that you want them to recieve. We will even send you a picture while your away so you can see for yourself…Call today and schedule dog walks for your favorite pup 316-461-2434



Pet Sitting Because You Really Love Your Pets

We love our precious pets so much and naturally want the very best for them, that’s why we choose to have a pet sitter come in our home when we are gone. And they are spared the stress being in a kennel can cause. Beloved Pet Nanny will customize our pet sitting to your needs. The next time you start thinking about going away for a day or more call and see how easy is. We throw in some house sitting duties also,

Pet sitting and dog walking discounts

We offer discounts for pet sitting and dog walking for military and senior citizens all you have to do is ask for it. Customer loyalty discounts are available¬†just ask. At Beloved Pet Nanny we beleive in rewarding our loyal customer’s ¬†and are always open to suggestions on how to take care of our great customer’s just let us know.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Holiday Rates

Why should Pet Sitting and Dog Walking rates go up when you need them most at the holidays. At Beloved Pet Nanny we don’t think they should so we keep them the same. We love our customer’s and their beloved pet’s and treat you all the way we want to be treated. We try to customize our pet sitting and dog walking service to you and your pets needs. It can be heart breaking to leave your pet and we want you to be at peace when you leave them with our pet sitting and dog walking service. Of course the sooner you reserve your pet sitting spot especially at the holidays the better we can plan for it and serve all of our customer’s. So call today to reserve your spot or with any questions. Tara 316-461-2434

Be careful when hiring a Pet Sitter

How careful do you need to be when hiring a Pet Sitter check them out as well as you can. This person will have access to your home and your precious pets when your not around. People usually do a review when they have a bad experience . So if you find good or outstanding reviews that is amazing because most people just won’t take the time to do a positive review. Meet with the person with your pets see how they all get along and if your not comfortable with the person call someone else. Mostly follow your instincts you need to feel good about your decision while your away.

Pet Sitting Parents are Top Notch

Pet owners that hire a dog walker and a pet sitter want the very best for their beloved pets. Our little furry friends give us all the love they can and it is awesome to give them the very best care that we can give them. Keeping your beloved pets in their home with the supervision of a loving pet sitter is awesome for them and causes much less stress. They are still king of their castle and their domain safe from more aggressive or ill animals. Thank you to all pet parents for putting such great value on your precious pets.

Pet Sitting for Those of Us That Can Not Imagine Life Without Pets in their life

Growing up we always had pets. There was Snowball the beautiful white kitty and Tiny the little tiny turtle that I set free in the backyard because I thought the bowl he stayed in was much to small. But I missed him when he didn’t return, so sad. Then of course we always had a pup or two. I had Nicki the German Short Hair that was so full of energy a little to much for a four year old. I believe that was about the same time I had my first pony ride and life would never be the same. I thought that was just the most wonderful experience ever. I finally did manage to talk my Grandparents into getting me a pony by the time I was eight. His name was Mister and he had other ideas than taking me for a ride. He was much more interested in eating the green grass he saw out of the corner of his eye. He seemed to get me off of his back almost every time we went for a ride but after Mister the other horses never got me off.

My best friend Vicki and I always went on great horse adventures one of those times we met Gary and he raised Quarter Horses we thought that was great and we did what we could to help him out. We were always over at his farm helping him exercise his Quarter Horses, feed the chickens, geese, ducks and of course his cow. Everything we did involved animals.

When I got out on my own we always had dogs and cats too, took in strays once a Great Dane trotted into the backyard she was skin and bones. We took her home and she was wonderful with the kids, she would even let them lay their heads on while she lay down for a pillow when they watched TV.

Pets have always been a huge part of our family and I believe we must give them the best we can and when we are away there is nothing better than keeping them in the home they love. Pet sitting is the best way to do this unless you have an unfriendly aggressive pet because we do have to get along in your absence. I you need more information on how pet sitting can help you and your pets needs please feel free to contact me and I will be more than glad to visit with you about pet sitting v.s. kenneling or boarding them in a facility when you are not available.

Pet sitting should you just let the kid down the street do it???

Are you going to trust your beloved pets to kids that probably need help and oversight with thier own pets let alone your home? This just sounds crazy to me and make no sense at all to trust all you have to children that need supervision who is responsible for taking care of your precious pets let alone your home all to save a few dollars. Have you seriously thought this out. Contact a professional and have peace of mind while your away. Let a professional do what they do and the professional also has a reputation at stake. I don’t think you can save enough dollars to make up the difference. You can call today for a free meet and greet or email if you prefer and have the peace of mind so you can really enjoy your time away..



Pet Sitting is the Most Humane way to Care for Your Pets when You Can’t



Pet sitting lets your precious pet stay in the home they love where they feel safe and secure. They don’t feel threatened by other animals that they aren’t use to. They don’t feel abandoned because they have been dropped off someplace. It can be very tramatic for your pet to be at a boarding facility. Some places hardley get your pet out to play and when they do they charge extra. Some dogs and cats can get so upset they don’t eat, or can get bloody diareah. So please please consider having a pet sitter take care of your pet for you when your away. Interveiw enough until you find the right one. You can start here with this one call tody and see how this can help your pet stay in the comfort of the home they love safe and secure.

Positive Dog Training Explained | The Dogington Post

Positive Dog Training Explained | The Dogington Post.