Two Pet Sitting visits are not Enough for Pups.

Are you sure that you only want two pet sitting visits per day for your beloved pups? I reccomend at least three visits per day and preferably four. I don’t know about you but most living beings just can’t wait twelve hours between potty breaks. Now if your pup uses potty pads that is more likely to be frequent enough for your fabulous poochie. If there is ice covering the outside they may need potty pads anyway if they are one of the small breeds. Just something to consider when try to figure out who is taking care of your dog when your away.


Can you skip a day or two when you are pet sitting my Cat?

This may not seem like a terrible idea, but it can be. A lot of kitties can be pretty shy anyway and the less contact that they have with caring humans can cause them to become just weird in some cases. It may work with a few but for the most part I do not reccomend this at all. All of our furry friends need to feel that they are being cared and loved to keep them feeling safe and secure in the home that they love. It’s certainly better than leaving them in a kennel where they are traumatized and can’t understand what is going on. But please don’t leave them without someone to take care of them on a daily basis.

Does your pets collar fit well

How does your pets collar fit? Is it too loose or too tight? It should fit so that you can easily get two fingers between the collar and your pets neck. If it is too tight that’s not good. Too loose can be bad also if your pet gets caught on something it could actually hang itself if you aren’t around to set it free. Please make sure your pets collar fits just right.

The Best Cat Box

This is the best cat box I have come accross. You can custom fit it to your favorite feline. All you need to do is heat the area you need to cut out with a hair dryer and cut it out. So simple and cheap and custom fit for your kitty…

Pet Boarding/Pet Sitting for Emergencies

What will you do with your beloved pets if you suddenly need to leave for an unexpected emergency? Do you have a pet sitter lined up when you have to leave suddenly or boarding facility. If you have a pet sitter you can just call or text and be taken care of by us anyway, I can’t speak for everyone. I have heard some pet sitters want a two week notice hopefully in an emergency situation that would be waved.  A boarding facility can be a little tricky if they are full and you can only drop off and pick up your precious pet when they are open. Plus you have to do that by a certain time or they will charge you for another day and they have lots of add ons that can run your bill up.

Some pets may not be able to stay at home with a pet sitter if they are too aggressive. Some may not have good potty habbits but they would be happier at home in their own world in a crate than a strange place.

It’s so easy to get pet sitting started just call and we will set up a time for a meet and greet.

The Beloved Pet Nanny Service Area

Check out our money saving packages

We have money saving pet sitting and dog walking packages for you to choose from. You can choose how many pet sitting visits your pets need per day and save money doing it. Plus dog walking the more we walk your precious pooch per week the more you save per walk. Check it out now at or call today and reserve the package that works best for you.


Doggie Day Care or Dog Walking

Doggie Day Care or Dog Walking? Doggie Day Care might be good for some but is it for everyone? Is Doggy Day Care safe it may not be if there are ill dogs or aggressive dogs at the facility. Will your beloved dog feel safe and secure somewhere other than their own home? Some will do better than others truth be told. I know this from my own experience. Some dogs get so upset when they are somewhere else they are like a fish out of water. Even when they are familar with the person caring for them.

Dog walking can be great for most non aggressive dogs and it gives you peace of mind knowing they are not exposed to ill dogs ect… They get to stay in the home they love and go out for a walk it doesn’t get better than that.





Pet Sitting Customer Service

Pet sitting customer service is our top priority and we will do our best to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. You are our customer and we want you to be thrilled with our service. If we are unable to make you happy with our service we will refer you to another pet sitting company that may better suit you and your pets needs. We will do what we can to give you peace of mind when pet sitting your pet, but if for some reason we can’t, we help you find someone that can. We want to be your pet sitter of choice for life! 7174097991513692246

Invisable Fencing

Invisable fencing is wonderful to keep your pups in the your yard and not wondering the neighborhood to get into who knows what mischeif. No one wants the beloved pups running off and maybe to be lost and never seen again. Invisable fencing can certainly help stop that and that can be a major issue losing the pup you love so much, your four legged family.

What if you are not able to watch or supervise your beloved pet too much at all? Is an invisable fence still a great idea? What will protect your beloved pet from other dogs running loose? What if you live on the edge of town like we do would an invisable fence work then? I say yes if you can fully supervise you lovely pets. What if you aren’t able to watch them constantly? What if someone wants your prized pup will the invisable fence protect your pet then? Certainly not how would it? What if like us you have coyotes as your next door neighbor? There is no way I would let our pups go outside at night without a privacy fence.

Our kids have an invisable fence and it works great to keep their dog from running off and getting into trouble. It was a life saver until they could get the privacy fence up….

Dog Walking One Household at a Time

Dog walking is done one household at a time at Beloved Pet Nanny. No pack walking here I don’t know how they are able to do that except for dogs that are not in the least bit aggressive and well trained not to stop and sniff all of the things pups love to sniff. Your pup will get individual attention that you want them to recieve. We will even send you a picture while your away so you can see for yourself…Call today and schedule dog walks for your favorite pup 316-461-2434