All Dogs love going for rides

Dogs love going for car rides. They love to hang their heads out the window or ride in the back of a pick up. I love taking my little poochies for a ride considering that I don’t have to go in anywhere and leave them in the car especially when it’s warmer outside like it was yesterday. I think it was the hottest day of the year so far 78 degrees. The inside of a car can heat up extreamly fast when it starts getting warm out. I think the windows must magnify it and can overheat way too fast. Poor little dogs can have heat stroke too quickly just like leaving small children in the car can over heat them too quickly. Then there are big dogs riding around in the back of pick ups which they love to do. That would be great unless you have to swerve for some reason and I have personally witnessed that. Our neighbor swerved in front of us with his prized Labrador Jake in the bed of his truck, poor Jake didn’t stand a chance he flew into the grill of our tuck. Ron his owner immediately rushed Jake to the veterinarian where he underwent surgery on his leg which had to be pinned because his bone was crushed. Jake did heal and got around pretty well but he was never the same lovable Labrador that he was prior to his injury. He was quite grouchy and chased me into the house on more than one occasion.  So please consider what all can happen if you take your beloved pooch for a ride and keep them safe. 

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