For the love of Leilo

We got Leilo for my daughter’s birthday. Leilo a little pekineses  was at a pet store in a cage with her brother’s they were all playing very aggressively and she was getting picked on by both of them at the same time. So we say we did rescued poor Leilo from being trapped with her brother’s in that little cage. We brought home and she was so scared she would barely move and didn’t make a peep. As time went by she became more and more playful and a big part of our family. We grew so fond of her and wanted the best for her we decided to get her a sister. My daughter looked online and found site where a family had Pomeranians they had rescued from a breeding farm and they needed new homes. My daughter called and sure enough they had quite a few they had to fine new homes for. It wasn’t too far away so we all got in the truck to go check them out. We pulled up to a country home with a couple of out buildings and dog runs with little dogs mostly pomeranians but there were some other breeds there too. We took Leilo with us so she could pick out her new playmate. The nice woman who was trying to find theses little dogs new homes kept bringing out new ones for us to interact with but I think the first five wanted nothing to do with us or Leilo. Then she brought out a larger pomeranian named Kako and finally they hit it off Leilo and KK as we call her were instant buddies. So we did the paper work paid for her and were on our way with our newest family member KK . KK was from a breeding farm and wan’t use to being handled much or being a pet. When we got her home the first thing we did was get all of the mats out of her hair and she had some good ones and then she got her very first bath, she was so dirty the water turned brown. She did so well for never really being handled before except for vaccinations  but it was obvious she was still very unsure of her new surroundings. After she was dry we let them both outside so she could checkout her new yard but when it was time for them to come back in she didn’t and she wasn’t about to let us catch her again. Leilo realized what was going on and stepped into action. Leilo was like a cutting horse and KK was the steer it was so funny Leilo pinned KK up against the fenced held KK’s leg in her mouth until we could pick KK up my goodness we had no idea Leilo had that in her how smart is that? Since then KK has become a special member of our family too and love’s being a pet we call her the princess she is the sweetest little thing and a smarty too. I think Leilo has taught her well.  

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