They love me too…

Pets have a way of just melting your heart, they are just so darn cute. I’ve been walking Lola a Boston Terrier for about six weeks or so now and the last time I was there she gave me a little kiss while I was putting her harness on. It was adorable she seemed unsure when we started but she knows she can trust me now and how much I really value her, she is adorable. Last week one of the kitties I’ve been taking care of for months now came out from hiding to meet me finally. I was told I would see the other two but probably not Sophie she is just too shy. But last week while taking care of the rest of the furry family in the house Sophie came out to meet me. It was short lived though, I tried to take a picture to send to her people and she went back under the bed before I could get here picture taken. I was so thrilled that she finally came out to meet me. These little moments are just so enjoyable, I love it.

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