Do you need In Home Boarding/Pet Sitter or a Kennel?

Will your pet enjoy staying at home where they are comfortable in their own environment or a boarding facility with many other roommates. This question seems obvious to me and is the reason I decided to start pet sitting and share the love I have for animals. When I was younger a friend of mine worked for a veterinarian/boarding facility and it did keep them safe but they seemed so desperate. They all barked like they were saying help, help, please help, it was heart breaking to see them so sad. It was clean and that was the only time they got out of the little wire cage was when it was being cleaned. They didn’t get to go for a walk or play and the people that worked there were just doing a job. It was so loud in there with all of the dogs barking as loud as they could it was ear piercing and the poor cats were beside themselves too crying out for help so sad. I was told the dogs couldn’t get out and play together because they could fight and get hurt.

As a pet sitter I come to your home were your pets are safe, secure and at ease in the comfort of their own home. I try to keep the routine for them as close to what they are use to as possible I even offer over night care if that is what you prefer. I feed them, play with them, pet them, walk them and extra TLC no extra charge.  

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