Our Pets are so Smart!

The more time we spend with our pets the more they learn about us and how to interact with us. We decided to get a friend for our beloved little pup Lielo. My daughter got online and found a rescue place that re homes pets. We made an appointment took Lielo with us to help pick out her new friend. When we started looking at and meeting some of the Pomeranians they came out to meet Lielo but most of them just ignored her and us, they were not pets they had only known a life as breeding stock. Then about the sixth one that came out they hit it off.

We took her home her name was Kako we just call her KK. We let them out to potty but KK didn’t trust us and wouldn’t come back inside when they were done or even let us get close to us. It was a real issue and then Lielo surprised us all. She grabbed KK by the leg with her mouth and pinned her against the fence every time until KK trusted us enough to come in with Lielo. We could have never taught Lielo to do this and wouldn’t have a clue how to. It’s unbelievable how smart they are and don’t always get the credit they deserve.

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