Pet Sitting Costs vs Kennel or Doggy Day Care Prices

When it comes to pet sitting costs you and what you need are in control. Our service can be very affordable depending on what your needs are we are very flexable. Maybe you only need one visit a day for a midday walk or some good old TLC or maybe your pets only need one visit when your away. It is only 12:00 for cats per visit, 15.00 per visit per pet dogs ect and only 3.00 more for each additional pet unless it is livestock. You decide what your needs are and over night care is offered also for only 75.00 per night unlimited pets from 9:00 P.M. to 7:00 A.M. Horses and other livestock are 19.00 per visit and 5.00 for aditional pets.

It is my understanding when you kennel your pets you are charged by the day and some not all are confined to a cage. You must also adhere to the hours that the kennel or doggy day care is open and there may not be much flexability. Not to mention they are not in the comfort of the home they love.    

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