Taking Your Dog to the Dog Park

Things to consider when going to the dog park

  1. Do you pick up your dogs waste? If not you should consider doing so you can even get doggie waste bags at the Dollar stores.
  2. Do you exercise your dog before you go to the edge off so they are a little calmer and not so aggressive?
  3. Does you dog have the personality to go to the dog park a lot do not and others need close supervision for your pets safety and the others also not to mention liabilities .
  4. Do you takes off prong collars and harnesses for safe play?
  5. Do you bring females that are pregnant or in heat?
  6. What about keeping dogs on a leash in an off leash area?
  7. Puppies that are younger than 12 weeks that won’t have all of the required immunizations keeping them safe from common diseases.
  8. Letting your small dogs play with large dogs probably not a great idea.
  9. Bringing a dog that’s not well trained and attentive to you.
  10. Allowing dogs to bully other dogs is never a good idea and asking for trouble.
  11. ┬áBringing dog’s with over protective disorder can cause fighting.
  12. Fighting over toys and food also a red flag and should be avoided.
  13. Dogs that have poor social skills are not a good fit for these situations.
  14. Looking at your phone or not giving your dog your undivided attention.
  15. Dogs that are over protective are not a good candidate to go the dog park.
  16. Choose activities that match your dog and you both will be happy.

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